Stephen Shubel Inc. is a boutique design firm specializing in residential and commercial projects for over thirty years. As Principal Designer, Stephen Shubel works today to achieve the success of the firm's many domestic and international properties.

The approach to every unique job is simple. Seek a global perspective, focus on creative, often luxurious, interior design, and always have a healthy respect for architectural context.

Understanding that truly good design is only as good as the craftspeople, the materials resourced, and the client's lifestyle, Stephen Shubel, Inc. strives to maintain all these design elements successfully. This firm's solid associations with vendors and respected sources insure high quality, flawless products, and unwavering service.

Whether designing a small country cottage or a high-tech villa the firm's efforts are tireless. Throughout the years and especially today Shubel believes the primary focus is to create timeless, beautiful, functional design.

"Our main mission is to enrich the lives of our clients. And in a changing world we pursue a long-lasting relationship to continue confirming their philosophies and personal tastes."